Company Principal

Sincere Bidder Inc. was established in 1977 as an import trader for various industrial equipment, components and chemicals.
In 1991 we acquired HydroChem Industrial Service Corp., it found in 1967.
Since integrated the two companies decades experiences active in trading and engineering services, also joined some highly trained engineer supervisors,whom retired from TPC, Furthermore to introduced the world class advantage technology with exceptional products, then to fulfill providing individualized solutions that meet the specific needs of the maintenance, overhaul and retrofit projects for Power industrial, Meanwhile purchased 5000 m2 land and build a 2300 m2 factory in the Youth Industrial Park in Taichung City and established United Fuel Treatment Inc. to research and produce boiler fuel additives to serve the fossil fire boilers of Taiwan Power Co.
In 2002 and 2010,separately learned transferred the Globe innovative technology to become the major professional engineering company for boiler chemical cleaning and selective catalyst reduction regeneration of nationwide.
Since Its foundation in 1967, we are aiming to solve the problems of our customers, and steadfast to research and looking for the high performance product and advanced technology from around the word, in the hope of providing high-quality, cost-effective and promptly services to our customers in power generation, petrochemical, steel mill and refinery industries etc.